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What is Your Sunny Island?

Where are You going? What´s Your aim in life right now?

We can probably agree on that most people stop to think about their life once in a while, what they´d like a little bit more of in their lives, maybe a little bit less of…

I´m sure You´re one of them and You know what You´d like a bit more of (please comment below and tell me, ok?).

At this time of the year a lot of peeps make resolutions fro the new year and, frankly, we all know that doesn´t work….
Let me show You what does:

2014-12-31 13.14.55

Take a definiteness of purpose (DMP), add in a definite plan (POA) expressed in continuous action executed by a mind closed to any negatives (PMA) and supported by a master mind alliance (MMA) of two or more minds working together for a definite end.


So pick Your choice!

What is Your “Sunny Island”?

What is it You want???

It´s the perfect time of the year to think in these terms:

What did You do right in 2014?
What can You do better?

Please place a comment below and share Your thoughts!

Mahalo for visiting and taking Your time reading this post, I appreciate You!

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