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The Golden Buddha

Please let me introduce this blog to You!
The title was inspired by the Myth of the Golden Buddha (please see the short movie below) and the very inspiring notion that we are all pure gold, regardless of current situation or past experiences, and that everyone of can has the ability as well as the drive to chip away the outer layers of protection and reveal our true nature.

The Hero’s Journey, as described by Joseph Campbell, is a reality in all our lives and I honestly believe that we are only then truly alive when we commence the journey and embrace our true natures as heroes in our own, individual realities.
Most of my life I’ve been trying to adjust to the norms, behaving accordingly to others expectations to gain acceptance and trying to please everyone outside of myself, naturally failing miserably and feeling a complete and utter failure in the process.
One day, quite a few years ago to be honest, I came to the point where I knew, I absolutely knew, I had to change – no one was going to do it for me and the alternative of a slow and steady process of dying day by day was unbearable. I didn’t know what to do, I did my best already, though I could see that my life wasn’t working and so the first step of liberating myself was to acknowledge my responsibility to live my own life – I couldn’t blame my situation on circumstances (I’d chosen them…), other people (I’d chosen them to…), earlier experiences (hmm, I chose the circumstances that led there…)
Basically, after all evidence was evaluated, there was only one suspect found at every scene of my life – ME!
As hard as that insight came to hit me at the time, the more deliberating it became with some though…
If I really was the only culprit (and I became more and more convinced by the minute that was the case…) and I had actually manifested every single thing in my life (the good, the bad, the ugly and the unspeakable…), it would lead to the only logical conclusion available: Looking for answers  outside of myself would be futile and irrational…
Though, looking for answers inside myself still seemed scary and preposterous, it was the only place that was left for me to search – discriminating thought being exceedingly more attractive then following the crowd and listening to the main stream exposing itself as a way of thickening the layer of concrete covering the gold.
As pointed out in the short movie: After experiencing even a  glimpse of Your gold, the stone will never satisfy You again – this was exactly what happened to me…
Spending my time chipping chunks of concrete of my golden core, I realize more and more that by helping others start and continue their journeys, I can learn, develop and chip of concrete faster and faster.
Thanks for helping me and I hope to be of service to You!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

// Claes