The virtue of fulfilling small dreams

Hi there, this time coming from a tent in Swedish Lappland looking into the north west corner of Sarek! Last night was spent at a beautiful waterfall that’s about 23 km behind us now and the mountains were friendly today again, nice weather, mostly sun with some clouds and wind, perfect for the lack of Mosquitos we prefer.
2014-07-27 18.42.54
So “we” are myself and my marvelous wife Maria getting here by manifesting an old DMP (Definite Major Purpose) of mine, first defined about fifteen years ago on the bus to Ritsem. At that time the train from Stockholm held in Murjek (probably it still does) and transportation by bus followed to Jokkmokk and then to Gällivare where the next bus to final destination Ritsem finally left the following morning – needless to say, it was a struggle to go hiking… So back to my DMP, that day on the bus fifteen years ago I promised myself that the next time I went to Ritsem I would drive my own car and be independent of lousy bus lines. Well, now it’s done! It took some while and it was for sure not the biggest, loftiest and most important goal (that’s by the way a good reason for its delayed manifestation) – now it’s done! 2014-07-30 11.39.47
And why is that the theme for this blog?

To quote a good friend:  I’m so glad you asked ;-)!

During yesterday’s hike it hit me that manifesting small and seemingly unimportant DMP, fulfilling minor dream and reaching not-so-impressing goals is not only fun and satisfying, it’s of major importance in training our subconscious that we will manifest our desires and demonstrating baby steps toward the loftier and more expanded DMP we carry in our heart – our hearts desire, the things, events and experiences we need to fullfill our self defined destiny!

So, what mini DMP do you have waiting to be manifested?
What goal lies almost forgotten in your mind and just waits to be easily reached?
What small dream has been nagging you without ever the “time being right” to fullfill it?

I challenge you to pick one or two, and as the commercial goes: “Just do it!” It will feel great and be a trigger for your next level!

Side note: Yesterday the Marvelous Maria found her first Reindeer horn resulting in an instant DMP of collecting as many as possible, a few km’s down the trail this is what the manifestation looked like!
2014-07-29 13.58.11

Mahalo, I appreciate You! // Claes

2 thoughts on “The virtue of fulfilling small dreams

  1. Mohammed Al Rubaiy

    Happy to see you do so well Claes. Indeed, mini-DMPs. Perfect for training your subconscious to fulfill achievements incrementally and perfect for starting off new businesses with partners.

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