What is Your Sunny Island?

Where are You going? What´s Your aim in life right now?

We can probably agree on that most people stop to think about their life once in a while, what they´d like a little bit more of in their lives, maybe a little bit less of…

I´m sure You´re one of them and You know what You´d like a bit more of (please comment below and tell me, ok?).

At this time of the year a lot of peeps make resolutions fro the new year and, frankly, we all know that doesn´t work….
Let me show You what does:

2014-12-31 13.14.55

Take a definiteness of purpose (DMP), add in a definite plan (POA) expressed in continuous action executed by a mind closed to any negatives (PMA) and supported by a master mind alliance (MMA) of two or more minds working together for a definite end.


So pick Your choice!

What is Your “Sunny Island”?

What is it You want???

It´s the perfect time of the year to think in these terms:

What did You do right in 2014?
What can You do better?

Please place a comment below and share Your thoughts!

Mahalo for visiting and taking Your time reading this post, I appreciate You!

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6 thoughts on “What is Your Sunny Island?

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Live the dream!
    You have the authority to speak because you have applied the knowledge and demonstrated the results! Thanks for the gift of clearly laying it out there! It can be anyone’s who is willing to do the work!

  2. Lance Botha

    Great Blog. Well done on the first video.
    Can’t wait to see this year unfolding and you and Maria achieving your purpose.
    hålla väl

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